Everything please, Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a well-planned city. Most of the roads are in either a north-south direction or an east-west direction. Those roads and more than two million trees weave this city in a big green net. I have to admire William Penn who built this city and whose statue is standing on the top of Philadelphia's city hall.

What do you need on your hot dog? The easiest way to taste an American hot dog is "Everything please!". (But NO KETCHUP!!) Philadelphia is exactly like this order except you don't have to say it, everything is already within this very old city.

There are two words to describe this 300 year-old city - Everything Mixed.

Another Pittsburgh? When I saw a factory with a big smoking smokestack before entering the city from the airport.

A small New York city? When I past through downtown Philly, I saw some modern buildings which looked like the Chrysler building in New York City.

When I walked in the Historic district, New England red-brick houses appeared and it reminded me of Boston.

What things on the ground make Philly its own city? A mass of trees stand on both sidewalks of each road.  When I walked on the streets in the Washington square district, I liked to walk through the green tunnels one by one.

This is a place mixed with antique, modern, urban and forest.

Even its smells are varied. When I walk through every block, corner or SEPTA station, they "took my breath away" every time. I can't say this is nice as an impression of this city. I can only find an excuse for it. Maybe, I convinced myself, it's all because of its age. (Come on, "NO KETCHUP!!")

However, it results in Philadelphia being a cradle of America's liberty. When I looked at Jewish synagogues, Catholic churches and German churches, I imagined the time before 200 years ago. Immigrants from everywhere, with different religions, fought for their freedom together.

After independence, people created their own cultures in this land, generation by generation. It's not difficult to tell this from the food. Although the most famous food is the "Philly's Cheesesteak", you can also find Germany pretzels, Cuba, French and Italian restaurants, Irish pub, sushi bar, and Chinese cuisine of course.

Art also plays an important role in Philadelphia. Countless museums fill this city, sculptures museum, Fine arts museum, children museum, medical museum, historical museum, fabric museum, nature museum and the largest museum - street mural arts . Any types of museums you can think of are right here.

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Who says Philadelphia is only a city with a bell?! Everything on Philly please.


  1. What an informative and charming article. It makes me want to go to Philadelphia again soon!

  2. Sooooooo....glad to hear you said so.
    See you later~ 哈 ___ 哈

  3. 感覺好讚喔~~真是很豐富的一個城市!! 旅途愉快,好好享受囉~~~

  4. I like this English article even more than those in our native language!
    Keep going~~
    I can practice my English reading here,hoho.

    PS: Those murals are sooooooo beatiful~

  5. The murals are my favorites of Philly.

  6. 視覺挺豐富的~不過嗅覺你一定也不喜歡~有點髒髒臭臭的~ = =|||