We got moon cakes...Ya!

First, I'd like to thank Jing. She invited me to her home to "watch" her making moon cakes. And she also made some traditional moon cakes for us. Now, we can celebrate the Moon Festival in this foreign land with her lovely moon cakes.

Jing made two types of moon cakes with various kind of stuffings. The skin of traditional one is more difficult than the other. So I can only depend on her to have those delicious moon cakes, traditional one is too hard for me.

Traditional moon cake befor baking
She also taught me how to make an icy skin moon cake (冰皮月餅). This one is so easy. You can find many recipes on Internet. I tried to make some of them yesterday. The ingredients of the skin are similar to Japanese Mochi. I make four kinds of stuffing, red bean paste, green bean paste, taro paste and ice cream. But green bean paste is not sweet enough, bad tasting; ice cream is not hard enough. Both stuffings do not work. At last, I only used red bean paste and taro paste.
ingredients of skin - 3 kinds of powders (wheat, sticky rice, rice)
3 kinds of powder plus sugar and milk

stir-fry some sticky rice powder to avoid the skin too sticky to wrap
I only made two kinds of icy skin moon cake. One is stuffed red bean paste with white skins and one is stuffed taro paste with purple skins. Besides I don't have any molds to shape them, they look like totally "handmade".

The first two Mochi-like moon cake we made at Jing's home
No matter what they look like, KA and I gonna enjoy the full moon tomorrow night with those cute moon cakes. Yummy~
Traditional lotus seed and egg yolk paste moon cake - from Jing
Icy skin moon cake - from me (So proud...haha)

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